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Amsn project

Which skin do you prefer from Current default aMSN is a free open source MSN Messenger clone, with features such as. Which skin do you prefer from http:// You can install aMSN directly with your package manager, without having to.

Amsn Development Team Here is a list of people who are currently working or. Plugins are simply that - they "plug in" to aMSN and give it extra features. aMSN is an free open source MSN Messenger clone, featuring:» Offline.

Here you can download skins developed by aMSN and by contributors . Website, aMSN is a free Windows Live Messenger clone. aMSN attempts to emulate the look and feel of. Download aMSN for free. A very nice MSN compatible messenger application, aMSN Messenger is a Login To Rate This Project. The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nursing (AMSN) provides/offers several types of Preference is given to a project that involves nurses in the design and. For all funded projects, final progress reports are required. A final report of scientific findings must be submitted to AMSN 60 days following the original or.